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Nevertheless, he loved a game and he loved a symbol. Lucina Brembati, for example, wealthy matron of Bergamo, is portrayed c.

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Another Bergamo patron, painted in on loan from the Hermitage , earnestly points to a red squirrel, rather bizarrely but very sweetly asleep beneath his cloak. It stands for constancy, a virtue that this new bridgeroom portrayed with his very young and scared-looking wife is going to do his level best to embody. The portrait originally had a cover, likewise painted on a wooden board, an elaborate allegory of the progress of the soul. On the right we see a spent and drunken satyr, having given the best of himself to wine.

On the left, an immature putto cluelessly dabbles with Art and Science, embodied by a pair of compasses and a recorder and pipes. Let us not say, then, that the exhibition contains no jokes. There is a particularly good one in the portrait of Andrea Odoni from the Royal Collection in London. The wealthy Venetian antiquary poses with his treasures: a head of Hadrian, a Diana of Ephesus. Behind him stand two more: a Venus at her bath, foot daintily raised above a basin of water, into which a statuette of a drunken Hercules is casually urinating.

Even in his altarpieces Lotto includes portraits. One of the delights of this show is the altarpiece of the Assumption from the cathedral of Asolo in the Veneto. In situ it is difficult to appreciate because it can only be viewed from a distance. Here in London, one can get right up to it and inspect the features of the Virgin as she ascends on her cloud. This is no saintly Mother of God.

She has been given the mature, worldly features of the redoubtable Caterina Cornaro — , Venetian noblewoman and sometime Queen of Cyprus, who retired to Asolo and gathered about her men of literature and learning.

The font in Asolo cathedral bears her coat of arms. It is true. In Venice, Lotto — was completely surpassed by Titian — In Bergamo by Moroni — But the life of the imagination and the sense of personality is never so vivid or so manifoldly felt as it is in the idiosyncratic works of poor Lorenzo Lotto.

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Poor Lorenzo. In he painted what might be his self-portrait, among the paupers begging for alms in the wonderful Charity of St Antoninus altarpiece from the church of Santi Giovanni e Paolo in Venice one of the wonderful things that the show achieves is to have found a rug that matches the pattern of the carpet in the painting. Four years later, in Loreto, Lotto made his will. A painting containing another putative self-portrait survives in Loreto, a Christ and the Adulteress c. This exhibition is poignant in the way it reveals to us a genius unrecognised in his lifetime and the injustice that that entails.

We still have not learned to spot talent until it is too late. This show reveals to us an artist who, in a way that so many artists do not, leaves traces of himself in all his works. Lorenzo Lotto speaks to us down the centuries. Lorenzo Lotto. Dates, prices, titles and specifications are subject to change without notice. The listing of a price is not intended to control the retail price. Terms: Net 30 days. Nonconforming supply and short supply. We will accept the return of Nonconforming Products and will replace the returned items with the items that should have properly been delivered.

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Tel: ext. Lonely Planet has a variety of promotional materials available to all accounts. POS materials vary by season. Please contact the Sales Department for further information. Larger tiers hold approx. There are rent-a-boats, taxi boats and excursions to the island. Due to our busy schedule in Rovinj, attending the Weekend Media Festival, we were not able to check it out.

Still, I am sure it is a nice place to visit and get on a boat for a while.

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There are many options to visit the nearby island Sveta Katarina Saint Catherine. There are all kind of accommodation options in Rovinj. You can book a room or an apartment in the old town or close nearby. Also, several big hotel resorts are located just outside the city. I would definitely recommend staying and sleeping in the old town because it is the most interesting and charming part of Rovinj. Still, all booking sites offer plenty of apartments and accommodation for every budget.

Restaurants in the old town of Rovinj. Many houses like these on the pic offer accommodation. Traveling with a baby and a grandma this time, we booked a two-bedroom apartment in the old town. However, when we got there it turned out that due to some misunderstanding at the agency our apartment is not ready.

Naturally, this was not ok and they needed some time to fix it. At the end they said they would not charge us at all due to the inconvenience.

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This was a fine consolation, but Anna got excited from the whole experience. She was not able to fall asleep until three hours after her bed time. But well, these things happen on the road. Parking in the city center is really difficult. Maybe there are in the more remote parts of Rovinj. We were looking for a spot to leave our car for 30 minutes when we decided to split. Then my husband was left alone on the mission to find a parking place.

He needed another 20 minutes to find a place, which was 15 minutes away on foot from our apartment. The prices are not that scary and there are daily cards that one can purchase. Parking in Rovinj can be difficult for both cars and boats. Also, there are ferries going both ways every day.