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Economics plays a vital role within the EBRD. The views presented are those of the authors and not necessarily those of the EBRD. Working Papers are only available electronically.

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How much should we trust life satisfaction data? Determinants of frontier innovation and technology adoption: cross-country evidence by Emil Gelebo, Alexander Plekhanov and Florent Silve. What determines the quality of economic institutions? The dark and bright sides of global banking: a somewhat cautionary tale from emerging Europe by Ralph De Haas. Giving and promising gifts: experimental evidence on reciprocity from the field by J. Global firms and wages: is there a rent sharing channel?

Damijan and Luca Marcolin. Information effects on consumer willingness to pay for electricity and water service attributes by Elcin Akcura. Mandatory versus voluntary payment for green electricity by Elcin Akcura. How important are non-tariff barriers?

Complementarity of infrastructure and institutions of trading partners by Zsoka Koczan and Alexander Plekhanov.

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Does cultural diversity help or hinder entrepreneurs? Foreign direct investment and wages: does the level of ownership matter? Migration from Ukraine: Brawn or Brain? How much do tariffs matter? The right-wing power of small countries by Franto Ricka. Can consumer confidence data predict real variables? Sectors we work in View list of sectors and key topics. Structure and staff. Home News Publications Working papers. Working papers.

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  • Institutions, innovation and growth: cross-country evidence. Does corruption matter for sources of foreign direct investment?

    Feeding the Future

    Europe's banking union in the global financial system: constructing open and inclusive institutions By Alexander Lehmann and Lars Nyberg. Benchmarking structural change in transition.

    The Remaking of Global Finance

    Foreign direct investment financing of capital formation in central and eastern Europe. Labour market states, mobility and entrepreneurship in transition economies. Effective versus statutory taxation: measuring effective tax administration in transition economies. Patterns of legal change: shareholder and creditor rights in transition economies. Law and finance in transition economies. Follow us. Terms and conditions Cookies Sitemap. Michelle Brock and Ralph De Haas.

    Delis, Kathrin de Greiff and Steven Ongena. Cevat Giray Aksoy and Panu Poutvaara. Aksoy, Christopher S. Carpenter, Jeff Frank and Matt L. Michelle Brock. In particular, neo-imperialism is again in the air—not only the us variety, but also the less noticed neo-imperial ambitions of Russia, based on its control over vast energy resources and raw materials and its consensual authoritarian rule.

    The tensions between these neo-imperialisms, especially over access to energy, have pushed the West to redouble its efforts to open markets in the rest of the world and reconfigure domestic political economies to facilitate the operations of Western, especially Anglo-American firms—with little more than lip service paid to the idea of compromise with the interests of developing countries.

    The international financial system lacks the bodies that set rules and enforce compliance at the national level, such as a central bank, a financial regulator, a bankruptcy court, deposit insurance, and the like.

    Rather than try to create international counterparts, in the decade since the Asian Crisis the West has sought to build a comprehensive regime of global economic standards of best practice in areas such as data dissemination, bank supervision, corporate governance and financial accounting. The imf and other organizations have been undertaking systematic surveillance of national compliance with the standards. Governments and other bodies are expected to comply with the latter in order to obtain cheap and abundant finance, on the assumption that financial firms will reward compliance and punish non-compliance.

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    Email required. Password required. Chapter Protean Power Firms in Firmament: Hydrocarbons and the Circulation of Power. Just Who Put You in Charge? Rawi Abdelal and Mark Blyth. Chapter Power in a Complex Global System Disjoining Partners: Europe and the American Imperium. Rawi Abdelal and Ulrich Krotz.

    tiafloodefes.ml Introduction Constructing the International Economy Chapter Constructing the International Economy Chapter New Perspectives on Regulation Rawi Abdelal and John G. Introduction Measuring Identity Chapter Measuring Identity Chapter Handbook of International Political Economy Constructivism as an Approach to International Political Economy. Keywords: International Finance ; Capital ;. Chapter Economic Nationalism in a Globalizing World Nationalism and International Political Economy in Eurasia. Richard S. Tedlow and Rawi Abdelal.

    Keywords: Globalized Markets and Industries ;.

    Chair of the IOSCO Board

    Chapter Monetary Orders Article Epicenter. Rawi Abdelal and Alexandra Vacroux. Other Article National Interest. Rawi Abdelal and Galit Goldstein. Rawi Abdelal , Joseph B. Fuller and Matthew Preble. Keywords: apprenticeship ; nonprofit ; not for profit ; labor markets ; skills ; Nonprofit Organizations ; Education ; Competency and Skills ; Personal Development and Career ; Growth and Development Strategy ;.

    Everybody Knows: Russia and the Election. Turkey and Russia: Dangerous Liaisons.